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Use Litigation To Resolve A Dispute

Some disagreements can be resolved through plain old-fashioned discussion and compromise. More often, however, significant legal disputes cannot be resolved without civil litigation. In this system, one party files a lawsuit and the other party responds; by bringing the question into the legal system, some form of compromise is now guaranteed: either a trial judge will weigh the arguments and decide the matter, or the parties can choose to settle the suit outside of court.

Whether you are seeking to sue or have been sued, Conway Schadler can help. For plaintiffs, we help spell out precisely what form of harm they have suffered, and mount a strong argument for financial compensation and other compensatory measures. For civil defendants, we explain the other side of the story in court and help them respond to unfounded complaints. In every case, our underlying goal is to stand up for the interests of our client and resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.

Litigation Resolves Many Kinds Of Disagreements

Our lawyers provide experienced litigation services for a wide range of litigation matters, including:

  • Personal injury cases such as auto accidents, slip-and-fall cases, injury due to defective products and more
  • Real estate disputes, including landlord-tenant issues
  • Defamation
  • Business disputes with competitors, partners, neighbors, employees, customers or any other party

Stand Up For Your Interests, With An Attorney’s Help

Serving clients throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, Conway Schadler is committed to asserting your legal rights throughout the civil litigation process, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant. If you are thinking of filing suit, or if you have been sued, it’s in your interest to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free initial consultation in our Eagleville office, contact us online or call 484-938-1989.

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