Conway Schadler, LLC

Committed To Achieving Results For Our Clients

The key to successful litigation and representation is our willingness to work with our clients to understand their goals, and our commitment to work tirelessly to help them accomplish those goals. This is the foundation on which our firm was built.

Over A Decade Of Legal Experience And Knowledge

Conway Schadler was founded by attorneys Kent E. Conway and Nathan J. Schadler. In addition to their legal experience itself, each of our attorneys has specific skills and knowledge that help us achieve the outcomes our clients are seeking.

Kent, for instance, is a licensed title agent and has experience in a range of real estate matters.He has been involved in a range of major litigation, and has accrued significant experience at both large firms and small firms, representing both large corporations and individuals.

Nathan started his legal career in the Montgomery County district attorney's office, and he has won a number of commendations and awards for his work as a lead prosecutor, particularly against firearms and narcotics charges. His background as a former prosecutor gives him additional insight into the mindset and strategies of the other side as he represents clients in civil litigation and criminal defense.

Together, our lawyers primarily practice law in the following areas: